The Sounds Of The Season

This game was developed for the DrunkedCoders 2007 Xmas Compo.  Download The Sounds of The Season

I’ve been very interested in making a music game since I began game programming (July 2005).  I enjoy rhythm games but really wanted to make a game where you are playing one of the instruments ala Guitar Hero (a fantastic game).

I built a game for the GBA where you could play a guitar, well 20 powercords to be exact, by pushing different  combinations of buttons.  While I got the hang of it from constant playtesting, I couldn’t find anyone that didn’t  find it TOO hard to enjoy.

Thanks to the DS touch screen, I think this interface is  a lot easier to play – though you may disagree at first!
It allows a user to have full set of 20 sequential notes of an instrument, (chosen to fit each song), and by
playing the right note at the right time, you will not only score well, but you will be making music…so tell
your mom your quiting band…and get good at this game 😛

If you like this game…check my website for a new game coming out (also in January) by the name of playDiSmusic where I took the same gameplay engine and reworked it for a new look & feel all in the name of rock’n’roll.

Anyways – I had a great time making this game and am very pleased with the end result.  I hope you enjoy.

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